VW Vanagon & Subaru Engine Conversion Product Index
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321971999A   "M" Headlight Switch Connector
6506E52   #6 SS Liner Clamp
025198463   +.25MM Oversized Main Bearing Set 1.9Ltr
025198463A   +.25MM Oversized Main Bearing Set 2.1L
025198465A   +.50MM Oversized Main Bearing Set 2.1L
RMW-6X1   1" Suspension Upper Rear Coil Spring Spacer
C40MB-125-06   1.25"x6" 4ply Silicone hose
RMW-SS152   1.5" Stainless Steel Two hole flange
C40MB-150-12   1.5"x12" 4ply Silicone hose
C40MB-150-04   1.5"x4" 4ply Silicone hose
C40MB-150-05   1.5"x5" 4ply Silicone hose
C40MB-150-06   1.5"x6" 4ply Silicone hose
KF288-01   1.6Ltr & 1.6Ltr TD Diesel Vanagon
251721555C   1.6Ltr Diesel Accelerator Cable
068129717E   1.6Ltr Diesel Intake Manifold Gasket
056103483D   1.6Ltr Diesel Valve Cover Gasket
026198025A   1.6Ltr Diesel Valve Cover Gasket Set
069129620   1.6Ltr Diesel Vanagon Air Filter
068251053D   1.6Ltr Diesel Vanagon Muffler
06A906461LX   1.8T Mass Air Flow Sensor
W94025   1.8T Oil Filter
PFR-6Q   1.8t Spark Plug
025251521SS   1.9 Liter Muffler Strap
VC8485EXHAUSTKIT   1.9L Complete Exhaust Kit
0280000501-RBLT   1.9L ECU - Electronic Control Unit - Rebuilt
19LHoseKit   1.9L Hose Kit
025129967A   1.9L Intake Boot
19SILICONEHOSEKIT   1.9L Silicone Hose Kit
VC19CATGASHARDSET   1.9Ltr Catalytic Converter Gasket & Hardware Set
025121403A   1.9Ltr Pressurized Reservoir Gas Model 83.5-85 & Diesel 01/85-91
039133241   1.9Ltr Wasserboxer & 2.0Ltr Aircooled Intake Manifold Hose
025133055B   1.9Ltr Wasserboxer Intake Air Distributor
AV11229   1/2" Nylon hose tee (Black)
S0860846B   1/2" Stem x 1/2" Hose Barb-Black
RMW-6X5   1/2" Suspension Upper Rear Coil Spring Spacer
RMW-AIRTRANSADPT   1/4" Adapter plate to adapt an air cooled transmission with a RMW subaru swap
46062   10 Position ATC Fuse Panel
10x3-4-Hex-Tek   10 x 3/4 Hex Tek Screw
VC1000WPOWINVERT   1000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
46283   10amp LED ATO Fuse
028109453   10mm Valve Adjuster Lock Nut
255070521   110 Volt AC Camper Electrical Hook Up Box
VC1100WPOWINVERT   1100 Watt Power Inverter
GW-FOLD-SOLAR   110W Ultra Compact Solar Panel Kit
27006   12mm Fuel Line (per foot)
251711645-12   12mm Hemisphere for Shifter
1315-100   12V 100A Multi-battery Management System
251711645   14mm Hemisphere for Shifter
15Rhein   15 Rhein Alloy
46284   15amp LED ATO Fuse
T815   15x7 European-Look Alloy (Silver)
N0171214   16 Amp Fuse for 80 thru 85
251609701E   16" Syncro Brake Cable (Left)
251609701F   16" Syncro Brake Cable (Right)
251609701E701F   16" Syncro Brake Cable Pair
431498103C   16" Syncro Rear Inner and Outer CV Joint Kit (302287)
T816B   16"x7.5 European-Look Alloy (Black) - 2WD (23mm) Wheel
T816BS   16"x7.5 European-Look Alloy (Black) - Syncro (38mm) Wheel
T816S   16"x7.5 European-Look Alloy (Silver) - 2WD (23mm offset) Wheel
T816SS   16x7.5 European-Look Alloy (Silver) - Syncro (38mm)
8085BRAKEKIT2WDSTOCK   1980-1985 2WD Brake Kit
251843711   1980-84 Sliding Door Handle Collar
251843711A   1985-1991 Sliding Door Handle Seal
253845322   1985-1991 Weatherstrip Seal Middle Sliding Door Glass
251411025C   19mm Sway Bar
251411041B   19MM Sway Bar Bushing
251411045B   19mm Sway Bar to End Link Bushing
025121031A/B   2 Piece Water Pump Pulleys 1.9Ltr Late & 2.1Ltr all
025251217   2 TO 1 Intermediate Pipe Manifold to Large Elbow
RMW-TLPG   2" Tailpipe Kit
RMW-SS153   2.0" S.S. 3 hole flange
071906059   2.0Ltr Aircooled 49 State Fuel Pump Relay
071198009   2.0Ltr Aircooled Engine Gasket Set
071129967   2.0Ltr Aircooled Intake Boot
022129707F   2.0Ltr Aircooled Intake Manifold Gasket
025105635   2.1 Ltr Main Bearing Thrust Washers
025133061F   2.1 Throttle Body
VC86912WDEXHAUSTKIT   2.1L 2WD Complete Exhaust Kit
21LMANUAL86E87HOSEKITA   2.1L 2WD Manual Coolant Hose Kit A 1986-Early 1987
21LMANUAL8791HOSEKITB   2.1L 2WD Manual Coolant Hose Kit B Late 1987-1991
21LMANSILHOSEKITA   2.1L 2WD Manual Silicone Coolant Hose Kit A 86-91
21LMANSILHOSEKITB   2.1L 2WD Manual Silicone Coolant Hose Kit B 86-91
21LAUTO8691HOSEKITA   2.1L Automatic Coolant Hose Kit A (1986-Early 1987)
21LAUTO8691HOSEKITB   2.1L Automatic Coolant Hose Kit B (Most 1987-1991)
21LAUTOHOSEKITSILA   2.1L Automatic Silicone Hose Kit A 86-Early 87
21LAUTOHOSEKITSILB   2.1L Automatic Silicone Hose Kit B Late 87-91
025121065   2.1L Coolant Pipe-H20 Pump to Oil Cooler 2.1Ltr All
025906022D-REBLT   2.1L ECU - Electronic Control Unit - Rebuilt
025129627L   2.1L Intake Boot 2WD
SADDLE2WD   2.1Ltr 2wd Stainless Steel Muffler Bracket & Strap
VC21CATGASHARDSET   2.1Ltr Catalytic Converter Gasket & Hardware Set
025199221A   2.1ltr Engine Mount Bracket
5PK-674SF   2.5L Subaru Belt - NO PS
2791   20 Liter Carrier
46285   20amp LED ATO Fuse
3010   20L (5.3 Gal.) Nato Jerry Can (Black) w/ Nozzle
3009   20L (5.3 Gal.) Nato Jerry Can (Red) w/ Nozzle
251411041C   21 MM Sway Bar Bushing
251411045   21mm Sway Bar to End Link Bushing
N0171215   25Amp Fuse for 80 thru 85
46286   25amp LED ATO Fuse
251598201   2wd & 4wd Rear CV Boot Kit (300481)
251407617A   2WD Brake Rotor 80-85
VCFRTBUSHKIT2WD   2WD Front Suspension Bushing Kit
251201075AH   2wd Fuel Tank (12mm outlet - Late)
251201075AE   2wd Fuel Tank (7mm outlet - Early)
251201KIT-PLASTIC   2WD Fuel Tank Reseal Kit with Plastic Pipe & Fittings
251201KIT-AL   2WD Fuel Tank Reseal Kit with Rubber Cross Over Pipe with Aluminum Fittings
GW2WDLIFTSPRNG   2WD Lift Springs GW (Complete w/ Ball Joint Spacers)
091301215A   2wd Nose Housing Gasket 83.5 thru 91
VCSTRSHAFTPRO2WD   2WD Spare Tire Steering Shaft Protector
111957855B   2WD Speedometer Cable Grommet
VCSPEEDO2WD   2WD Speedometer Rebuild Service
2WDSP   2WD Springs by Schwenk
GVW-2WD   2WD Sticker
GW2WD0LIFTSPRING   2WD Zero Lift Springs GW
RMW-F45-3   3 Brackets Fiamma F45 Mounting Kit
3836840RUBBER   3 Piece Front Rubber Floor Mats - Lloyd Mats
9557260   3 Piece Front Windshield Panel Repair Set
VC8591ACRCNVS   3 Window Acrylic Poptop Canvas
VC8591CTTNCVS   3 Window Cotton Poptop Canvas
3836840CARPET   3-Piece Front Ultimat Carpet Floor Mat Set - Lloyd Mats
KT122-VANO   3-Point Rear Retractable Seat Belt
KT-VANO   3-Point Retracting Front Seat Belt
111953227D   3-Prong Flasher Relay Turn Signal Relay
INT-000019   3.0" Silicone Hump Hose, Black
INT-000955   3.00 to 2.75 90 deg Silicone Reducer
INT-000406   3.25" Silicone 45 deg (Black)
N0203535   3.5 mm Vacuum Line Sold per Meter
6108   3/4" High Density Foam per ft.
25112   3/4" insulated clamp
023Y6321G   30A Weatherproof Fuse Holder w/Cap
46287   30amp LED ATO Fuse
7028107   45 MM Wheel Studs
211501221A   46mm Rear Axle Nut
0057490   46mm Rear Axle Nut Tool
53034   48 State Catalytic Converter
VCFRTBUSHKIT4WD   4WD Front Suspension Bushing Kit
VCSTRSHAFTPRO4WD   4WD Spare Tire Steering Shaft Protector
VCSPEEDO4WD   4WD Speedometer Rebuild Service
SADDLE4WD   4wd Stainless Steel Muffler Bracket & Strap
GVW-4WD   4WD Sticker for Syncro
251711115D   5 Speed Turbo Diesel Shift Boot
443121107A   5/16 Coolant Hose (per foot)
HHB-062   5/8 Silicone Bulk Heater Hose (per foot)
84545   5/8 x 1 Heater Hose Splicer
84543   5/8 x 5/8 x 1/2" Heater Core Tee
660-1666   5/8x5/8x5/8 " tee
46281   5amp LED ATO Fuse
5806   6" Grease Needle
70476   7" Round H4 Euro Headlamp
GW-HDLT-BRKT   7" Round Headlight Brackets/Buckets (Pair)
7130K59   7.5" Zip Tie
443121107ASIL   7mm Silicone Coolant Hose (per meter)
N0171211   8 Amp Fuse for 80 thru 85
HLIGHTRELAYKITEARLY   80 thru 85 Headlight Relay Kit
251853652D   80 thru 85 Round Headlight Grille
RMW-1ACX   80-83 SS Air Cooled Exhaust System
2WDFRTBEARKIT80-84   80-84 2WD Front Wheel Bearing Kit
251711231A   83.5 thru 91 Shifter Housing Top
HLIGHTRELAYKITLATE   86 thru 91 Headlight Relay Kit
8691BRAKEKIT2WDSTOCK   86-91 2WD Brake Kit
ElectricalDiagnosisT   8691 ECU Electrical Diagnosis Tool
11621711954   8mm Copper Lock Nut
M8-Washer   8mm Flat Washer
N122282   8mm Wavy Washer
251937501C   9 Pin Relay Holder
VC78179   9004 80/100 Watt (Low/Hi Beam)
9004-F   9004 Female Headlight Connector
9004LED   9004 LED Headlight Conversion Kit (Cool White)
9004-M   9004 Male Headlight Connector
VC90042H4PLUGS   9004 to H4 Headlight Adapter
R944CVA   944 CV Axle Kit - German 944 Joints w/NEW Axle and Rockford Boots for Manual Transmission 2wd & 4wd
944CVA   944 CV Axle Kit - German 944 Joints w/NEW Axle for Manual Transmission 2wd & 4wd
94433190100   944 CV Joint Kit ALL Rear and Syncro Front Inner (302267)
94433190100ROCKFORD   944 CV Joint Kit ALL Rear and Syncro Front Inner With Rockford Boot
VC944CVJOINTSET   944 CV Joint Kit Set
VC944ROCKCVJOINTSET   944/Rockford Boots CV Joint Kit Set
025109451   9mm Valve Adjuster
N01036112   A/C Adjuster Bolt
027260937   A/C Adjuster Eye Bolt
255272806A   A/C Compressor 83.5 thru Very Early 86
253260180   A/C Evaporator Case Drain Valve
253260109   A/C Expansion Valve
321959511A   A/C Fan Speed Switch
253260749   A/C O-Ring
9008300001   A/C R134a Retrofit Kit
253260633E   A/C Receiver/Drier
94457394300   A/C Receiver/Drier 85-86
171959141A   A/C Relay
357959139B   A/C Trinary Pressure Switch
251723555E   Accelerator Cable (Automatic Trans)
251721555Q   Accelerator Cable (Manual Trans)
251721576C   Accelerator Cable Bracket
N0123225   Accelerator Cable Circlip
211721578B   Accelerator Cable Rear Pin
251721577   Accelerator Cable Retaining Pin & Bolt
252723555F   Accelerator Cable RIGHT Hand Drive Auto Trans

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