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We are growing our love of creating functional, durable, awesome accessories for the VW Vanagon market and branching into Sprinters, Transits and Promasters! Read on...

The key to a good camper van is function and storage (well, some of us like the comfort, aesthetics, and convenience but that’s another story). How cool is it when you get both in one product? Bring your kayak, mount your rocket box, attach your bike rack or ski rack – pretty much whatever you can think of, the Rooftop Deck can handle it.

Created in Fort Collins, Colorado, the
Van Cafe Rooftop Deck is the product of years of manufacturing expertise. Here at Van Cafe, we are innovators, thinkers, creators, doers and most importantly, users! We love the outdoors and the idea of sharing experiences and memories with our families, friends, and our customers.

The Rooftop Deck was born out of a gap in the market for a truly versatile and modular roof rack. A system that stems from the essence of “build it my way” and add on as you go that services the Ram Promaster, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter…and we are working on finalizing the Volkswagen Vanagon product line.

So what makes the Rooftop Deck so different?

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